Loans For The People, Funded By The People of Australia

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Making The Most Of Your Money

As a “marketplace lender”, Symple funds the loans we approve with money provided by private Australian investors. By keeping our costs low, we’re able to offer the most creditworthy customers lower interest rates while also generating high yield and low volatility returns for private investors who are funding our loans. 


A New Asset Class For Australian Private Investors

The ability to invest in consumer loans was previously available only to Banks – until now. Symple allows ordinary investors to fund loan as an investment opportunity. While this is a relatively new concept here in Australia, private investors around the globe have been taking advantage of this opportunity for about a decade.


Here’s How It Works


Private investors contribute capital into Symple’s Managed Investment Scheme (MIS).


Capital held within the MIS is used
to fund loans that are approved via Symple’s lending platform.


Payments made by customers are passed back to investors until the loan is repaid in full.